RAAF Amberley F-35s

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RAAF Amberley F-35s

Tue 11 Dec 2018, 10:36 am

The 10th of December saw the official arrival to the Royal Australian Air Force of the F-35A for 3 Squadron, to be based at RAAF Williamtown in New South Wales. Australia currently has 10 F-35As with 8 aircraft based at Luke AFB and these are the first Australian aircraft to come to the country. At the moment Australia is purchasing 72 of the F-35A to be based at RAAF Williamtown and RAAF Tindal.

The two aircraft, A35-009 and A35-010 actually arrived at RAAF Amberley in Queensland on the 5th of December via Hickham AFB in Hawaii. These aircraft departed Amberley on the morning of the 10th for the short hour or so flight to Williamtown for the official ceremony.

I've also added a couple of shots of the base residents as well.

ImageA35-009-1 by Richard E, on Flickr

ImageA35-009a-1 by Richard E, on Flickr

ImageA35-010-1 by Richard E, on Flickr

ImageA35-010a-1 by Richard E, on Flickr

ImageA35-010b-1 by Richard E, on Flickr

1 and 6 Squadron

ImageSuper Hornet by Richard E, on Flickr

ImageGrowler by Richard E, on Flickr

Re: RAAF Amberley F-35s

Tue 11 Dec 2018, 9:54 pm

Great shots of an important event! Thanks for sharing.

Any advice for spotting/viewing at Williamstown? I’ve got an afternoon there planned for mid-February.

Re: RAAF Amberley F-35s

Wed 12 Dec 2018, 12:13 am

Thanks JJC

As for Williamtown, security is much more forgiving there ( or they were ) than at Amberley so photography isn't really an issue.

Depending on wind direction can get shots from Medowie Road either of take-offs and landings, if they are landing over Medowie Road you can get some nice closeups or if you go into the Fighter World Museum they have a viewing deck that overlooks the base and you get side on landing shots as they go over the fence. The Museum is also good for take-offs as well, Medowie Road is currently being upgraded apparently but I don't know how that has affected access to sit and watch anything. They are about the only areas that give you a decent view of the activity there that I'm aware of.

Hopefully you won't be there on a Friday as flying tends to wrap up by around 12 to 1pm a lot of the time.
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