Tommy at Yeovil (Dec '19)

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Tommy at Yeovil (Dec '19)

Post by Tommy »

Whilst working from home (I can't recall the last time I visited UKAR from a laptop!), I thought I'd share a couple of images from a busy Yeovil in December.

It was quite a good day, I managed to get one of the first clear photos of the grey Italian Ceasars - apparently they're suffering from heat issues with the black cabs, so they'll all go this colour - and I was chuffed to bits to practically have the Wildcat trialling a full load of 20(!) Martlet missiles.

ImageEmperor's New Clothes by Tom Jones, on Flickr

ImageAssembly Line by Tom Jones, on Flickr

ImageHogwarts by Tom Jones, on Flickr

As a side note, I love the WWII throwback (intentional or not) of a Wildcat operating with "Martlets".

ImageDog Days by Tom Jones, on Flickr

ZZ103 was the very first Noggie Merlin delivered (which I saw at Yeovil on its delivery flight in November '17), that rolled over two weeks later - good to see it back up and running!
ImageNAWSARH Species by Tom Jones, on Flickr

It was also cool to see ZZ100 come back after a jaunt to Europe (this seems to regularly fly to Italy for testing) - it's the first Norwegian AW101 built, in 2016, but has remained in primer since then.
ImageTriple-Nut by Tom Jones, on Flickr

ImageNakedSARH by Tom Jones, on Flickr

I've seen several reports that Bunford Lane is now a bit of a write-off due to development works there, but I was getting frustrated at the angles from the footpath, and the light was swinging around, so I took a chance and boy did it pay off!

ImageLogloader by Tom Jones, on Flickr

ImageGrumman Throwback by Tom Jones, on Flickr

ImageDo you even lift? by Tom Jones, on Flickr

As always - thanks for looking - it's been quite some time since I've uploaded an image thread due to Flickr dickry.

C&C welcomed as always.


Tom :up:

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Re: Tommy at Yeovil (Dec '19)

Post by jalfrezi »

Lovely shots in lovely light mate, that tooled up Wildcat is a great catch! :up:

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