Scottish Military - Ledhead's Forays around the Central Belt

Photos of operational aircraft from bases, airports and "spotter" outings
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Scottish Military - Ledhead's Forays around the Central Belt

Post by Ledhead27 »

Me again! The past couple of weeks have allowed me to be out and about with the camera, which hasn't been a bad thing considering how busy it's been with military movements.

This week has also seen the start of Exercise Joint Warrior. With no land-based fighter element, the Hawk T.1s being based in Aberdeen rather than Prestwick and the MPA participants being spread across several different bases, it's been a fair bit quieter compared to previous editions. Nevertheless, plenty of quality of movements to keep me entertained!

Firstly a quick visit to Prestwick from a couple of weeks ago with Wissam24. A very quiet day unfortunately, with just a pair of Dobbins based C-130Hs heading back to the US.

1) ImageUSAF Lockheed C-130H Hercules - 93-1040 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

2) ImageUSAF Lockheed C-130H Hercules - 92-0552 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

Edinburgh has also seen a small number of military movements over the past couple of weeks. Two C-37s, an A and a B variant, in the space of a week.
3) ImageUSAF Gulfstream Aerospace C-37B - 09-0525 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

4) ImageUSAF Gulfstream Aerospace C-37A - 99-0404 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

5) Last week involved another trip over to Prestwick to try catch some of the Joint Warrior participants. As explained before it was relatively thin for JW movements, with the only MPA movement being one of two French Navy ATL2s.
ImageFrench Navy Breguet Atlantique ATL 2 - 16 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

6) Other JW related movements included the venerable Cobham Falcon 20s, with some of the airframes now being in excess of 50 years old. In total, seven different Falcon 20s airframes seen in total during the day.
ImageCobham Aviation Services Dassault Falcon 20EW - G-FRAP by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

7) ImageCobham Aviation Services Dassault Falcon 20EW - G-FRAI by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

8) Couple more US movements, including this rather smart RO-6A...
ImageUnited States Army Bombardier RO-6A - 16-00590 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

9) ...And a rather plain looking US Navy C-40A Clipper, which made a brief visit from NAS Sigonella.
ImageUnited States Navy Boeing C-40A Clipper - 168981 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

10) But if we're talking about plain schemes, this wins. A rather inconspicuous looking King Air B350 owned by Lasai Aviation. Apparently however this aircraft is used by the US Army in the Far East on various surveillance flights around North Korea.
ImageLasai Aviation Beechcraft B300 King Air 350 - N291AS by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

11) At points Prestwick felt like an RAF base. Three Voyagers meant it was basically a northern version of Brize Norton.
ImageRoyal Air Force Airbus A330-243 (MRTT) Voyager KC.3 - ZZ338 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

12)ImageRoyal Air Force Airbus A330-243 (MRTT) Voyager KC.3 - ZZ334 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

13)ImageRoyal Air Force Airbus A330-243 (MRTT) Voyager KC.2 - ZZ331 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

14) Further Brize Norton based aircraft included ZM402, which made a handful of approaches in the afternoon.
ImageRoyal Air Force Airbus A400M Atlas C.1 - ZM402 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

15) A visiting Texan T.1 on what I believe is a first ever visit for an operational RAF airframe.
ImageRoyal Air Force Raytheon T-6C Texan T.1 - ZM326 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

16) Couple of four-engined heavies as well, including this RCAF CC-177 basking in the autumnal Scottish sunlight.
ImageRoyal Canadian Air Force Boeing CC-177 Globemaster III - 177701 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

17) And whilst it's not military, the early morning light on the Cargolux 747-8F was spectacular.
ImageCargolux Airlines International Boeing 747-8R7F LX-VCC by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr
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Re: Scottish Military - Ledhead's Forays around the Central Belt

Post by Tommy »

A gorgeous and varied set, pal.

The ATL2 is awesome, but that last shot is gorgeous!

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Re: Scottish Military - Ledhead's Forays around the Central Belt

Post by capercaillie »

I like that O-6. Great stuff well shot.
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Re: Scottish Military - Ledhead's Forays around the Central Belt

Post by Blackbird »

Another vote from me for the O-6👏👏

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Re: Scottish Military - Ledhead's Forays around the Central Belt

Post by lynothehammer »

Awesome photos, i will get there one day (and probably get no military movements)... :D

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Re: Scottish Military - Ledhead's Forays around the Central Belt

Post by redbearing »

Love that 747, superb set :smiley:

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