"Black Mike" @ RAF Cosford

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"Black Mike" @ RAF Cosford

Post by PeterR »

Just one shot from today, when we wheeled XV582 outside for some photos. Some areas of paint touched up, polished, new RBF flags and new danger decals added.

ImageXV582 / GJD Services / McDonnell Douglas F-4K Phantom by Peter Reoch, on Flickr

She's going to look amazing in the sunshine on Sunday 10th June... www.cosfordairshow.co.uk :cool:

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Re: "Black Mike" @ RAF Cosford

Post by DerbySi »

Looking good! Very much looking forward to seeing her in the flesh in few weeks during the photoshoot. :clap:
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Re: "Black Mike" @ RAF Cosford

Post by Tommy »

Beaut, mate. Can’t wait to see this machine. :love:

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Re: "Black Mike" @ RAF Cosford

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Wow! :clap:
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Re: "Black Mike" @ RAF Cosford

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Looking splendid. :biggrin:

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