Funding for Vulcan

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Funding for Vulcan

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£400k to help towards the hanger I assume.

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Re: Funding for Vulcan

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I wonder how long it will be before this thread gets locked. :lol:

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Re: Funding for Vulcan

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Re: Funding for Vulcan

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What is the status of WK163?...

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Re: Funding for Vulcan

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3 weeks ago 163 was parked close to the crash gate, with bin bags ducktaped over her inlets, a tarp over her cockpit, and her elevator fixing points bag and taped over on the rear fuselage.

She had a tail stand under her rear, and the rear elevators were on their own stand next to 163 but not seemingly protected. All panel joins and cover edges were also duck taped.

The aircraft looked clean and tidy though.

Took pics if anyone wants a copy? Not great ones but you can see the beast!

As for the grant? That will certainly help. Not sure of the cost of these things, but it probably pays for services to be diverted / put in.
£400k goes nowhere nowadays, that's for sure. How much are Rubs now? £15k second hand? (Tornado size).
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