Airfix 1/24 Hurricane Mk.I

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Airfix 1/24 Hurricane Mk.I

Post by DerekF »

One that I've just completed this past week. The Airfix 1/24 Hurricane is quite an old kit but actually isn't too bad. The fit is pretty decent with the exceptions being the getting the fuselage halves together and getting the wings to fit. Nothing major then... I added a Yahu photetched instrument panel and an HGW Sutton harness. The model is finished in Hataka/ Vallejo Acrylics dark earth, dark green and sky and using Topnotch camouflage masks which worked very well. The aircraft is in the markings of P3576 GN-A as flown by Flight Lieutenant James Brindley Nicolson VC, RAF No.249 Squadron, Boscombe Down, 16th August 1940. The roundels, serial numbers and codes were also applied using Topnotchmasks and sprayed on. It was a new technique for me and I think it worked out OK. Anyway, here it is.

Imagexx20211119_202317 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr

Imagexx20211119_202328 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr

Imagexx20211119_202339 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr

Imagexx20211119_202348 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr

Imagexx20211119_202404 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr

Imagexx20211119_202409 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr

Imagexx20211119_202510 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr

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Re: Airfix 1/24 Hurricane Mk.I

Post by TonyC »

Looks nice Derek, I've got one in the stash, just waiting for the right inspiration to come along.
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Re: Airfix 1/24 Hurricane Mk.I

Post by FarnboroJohn »

Very nice job and those masks look to have been very effective.

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Re: Airfix 1/24 Hurricane Mk.I

Post by Hebejebe37 »

The Wow factor for this and other models, now I know why I stopped modelling. Done my bit from the 50s and will just admire the next generation

Ken Shabby
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Re: Airfix 1/24 Hurricane Mk.I

Post by Ken Shabby »

Very impressive. I’m not a modeller myself, but love seeing these pics and the skill of you guys and your attention to detail never ceases to amaze me.

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Re: Airfix 1/24 Hurricane Mk.I

Post by GeeRam »

Very nice.....but it's making me feel old, as I remember as a kit and aircraft mad child badgering my Mum to buy of these for me on a dark mid-winters Saturday afternoon in our local Woolworths (using money she probably didn't really have to spare :frowning2: ) not long after the kit was first released.......its still a vivid memory, a 10 year old me lugging this big box all the way back home in the dark that afternoon eager to get cracking on building it.

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Re: Airfix 1/24 Hurricane Mk.I

Post by Wrexham Mackem »

Ah a 'superkit'. It looks really well Derek, especially considering its vintage.

I have a feeling the new Spitfire is going to be a cracker.

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