Datacolor Spyder X Pro

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Datacolor Spyder X Pro

Post by Mooshie1956 »

As in the title does anyone here use one of these.
I treated myself to one for Xmas, but I just don't like it. Everytime I do an alt tab or change what programme I'm using it defaults to monitor setup profile then it changes to the Spyder profile about a minute later, it's not as I expected it to work. It can also take a couple of minutes on boot up of the PC to decide that I have a different profile than the standard monitor one.
IS this the correct way it works or am I missing something, and I wouldn't say it has made printing out pictures any better.
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Re: Datacolor Spyder X Pro

Post by Alan425 »

Pretty sure it shouldn't behave like that.

I'm using an Eye-One device and once the profiling procedure is complete and saved, it loads the profile at startup and doesn't change.

You could try uninstalling the software and reinstalling (and delete any profiles you have saved) - you may just have a bad install.


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