Melbourne's Tullamarine International.

Photos of commercial airliners
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Melbourne's Tullamarine International.

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Finally, some decent weather, on-time arrivals and free from Covid travel restrictions meant that I could shoot a few airliners at our international airport. One that had evaded me for quite a while was the Air India 787-8, so very happy to capture it in good light. Likewise the -9 Scoot. The bonus for the evening was the Qantas -9 which I had not realised was inbound from Dubai(?). The remainder are a couple of local types that I had not yet photographed. All taken with my Canon 5D MkIV and Canon 100-400 MkII. Thanks for viewing and I hope you like 'em.

ImageAir India 787-8 VT-ANZ by GP1961, on Flickr

ImageQatar A350-1041 A7-ANO by GP1961, on Flickr

ImageScoot 787-9 9V-OJH by GP1961, on Flickr

ImageQantasLink 717-2K9 VH-YQX by GP1961, on Flickr

ImageQantas 787-9 VH-ZND by GP1961, on Flickr

ImageVirgin Australia 737-8FE VH-YIV by GP1961, on Flickr


Melbourne, Australia.

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