Yeovilton 2022????

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Re: Yeovilton 2022????

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I feel it's worth posting out on the forum that Audrey Huelin, the Director of AHA Events, who managed the Air Day for over 20 years, was given a lifetime achievement award from the British Air Display Association at the association's AGM held last weekend. :clap_tone1:


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Re: Yeovilton 2022????

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That’s great news!

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Re: Yeovilton 2022????

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Tommy wrote:
Thu 28 Apr 2022, 9:21 am
That’s great news!
It is and it isn’t. The note also says that the events company that has managed the event for the past 20 years has now ceased trading. Potentially not a great situation for an event looking to reestablish itself after 4 years away.

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Re: Yeovilton 2022????

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Yes I understand that, but the award itself is a brilliant accolade and reflects the premier position the Air Day had come to hold on the calendar pre-pandemic.
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Re: Yeovilton 2022????

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farnboroughrob wrote:
Thu 17 Mar 2022, 12:17 pm
from the RNAS Yeovilton twitter

It is with regret we can confirm, for commercial reasons, that the Royal Navy International Air Day will not take place in 2022. It is hoped the Air Day will be back as usual in 2023.
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