Albacete airbase

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Albacete airbase

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Hi everyone, hope someone can help.

I'm heading to Alicante on holiday end of September, and was hoping to head to Albacete airbase one afternoon. Does anyone know anything about it? How accessible is it? Viewing areas etc.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Albacete airbase

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Re: Albacete airbase

Post by Tommy »

That guide above is pretty comprehensive. Just to add one or two points:

At spot number 1 referred to, don’t go too close to the fence there, they get a bit touchy because of the QRA hangars nearby. Across the road from that spot and further away from the airfield at point one there’s a small bridge over the bypass (look on Google maps and you’ll see it), there’s a track that runs adjacent to the bypass where you can drive along, park, and walk up to the bridge. It’s a nice elevated spot for stuff banking onto the 27 approach.

At point 5 the civvie terminal, ironically this is where security is pretty tight, the terminal hires private security and they aren’t very tolerant of photographers and will move you on but there’s a nice Mirage F1 on a pole and if you’re quick you can bag it before they come out and tel you to move on. Near the civvie terminal is the Airbus Helicopters plant. They are much more relaxed here (weirdly) and it’s always worth swinging by as you might get lucky and see an NH-90 or Tigre out for an air test or delivery.

Good luck!

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Re: Albacete airbase

Post by 747woody »

Spots 1 and 4 from the Scramble guide are the best places to hang around, well away from the fence.

IIRC it tends to be busier in the mornings, unless there's a TLP when the locals fly in the morning and TLP flies in the afternoon.

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