7th August - Family Air Show

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7th August - Family Air Show

Post by lynothehammer »

Initial list is up, hope there's more to be added:

Visiting Aircraft Operator
RotorSport Calidus Gyro Air Displays
Wings Parachute Display Team
Nieuport 17 John Gilbert
Bucker Jungmann Anna Walker
Boeing Stearman Aerosuperbatics Wingwalkers
Red Duo Aerobatic Jet Display Team (RC Models)

The Shuttleworth Collection/Old Warden Based Aircraft Operator
Avro XIX Shuttleworth
de Havilland Dragon Rapide Shuttleworth
Avro 504K Shuttleworth
Sopwith Pup Shuttleworth
de Havilland Chipmunk Shuttleworth
Miles Magister Shuttleworth
Miles Magister David Bramwell
de Havilland Tiger Moth Shuttleworth
Southern Martlet Shuttleworth
Supermarine Spitfire V Shuttleworth
Hawker Sea Hurricane Shuttleworth
Westland Lysander Shuttleworth
Gloster Gladiator Shuttleworth
de Havilland Comet Shuttleworth
Miles Hawk Speed Six Shuttleworth
Percival Mew Gull Shuttleworth
Bristol M1C Shuttleworth
Bristol F2B Fighter Shuttleworth
Bristol Boxkite Shuttleworth
Avro Triplane Shuttleworth
Blackburn Type D Monoplane Shuttleworth
Deperdussin Shuttleworth
English Electric Wren Shuttleworth

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Re: 7th August - Family Air Show

Post by alzoturtz »

Weather's looking promising.

Unfortunately due to illness I won't make it on Sunday. Selling my ticket for the £29 I paid. If anyone's interested.... PM me.

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Re: 7th August - Family Air Show

Post by wdg »

The Jungman and Red Arrows RC models are no longer listed, nor are the Gladiator and M1C.
We have gained the Blackburn B2, Sopwith Triplane, Hawker Demon and a pair of OW-based Pitts Specials compared to the list earlier in this thread.

There are a few nice individual items listed, but overall it looks like a very weak lineup.
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Re: 7th August - Family Air Show

Post by 5944 »

M1C is out of action for a while - seized engine. Like you say, not the strongest lineup, certainly nothing to make me think about booking a day's leave for.

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