Airfix and Corgi models for sale

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Airfix and Corgi models for sale

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Hi Forum,

Got a number of of Airfix models and Corgi models for sale. All the plastic kits are unused, unopened and boxed (tho some of the boxes are showing their age). Some of the Corgi models are brand new and unopened and some have been displayed.

Happy to provide pics/more info if you are interested just drop me a PM.

Looking for any sensible/reasonable offers otherwise I will likely stick them on eBay. Can either look at posting or pickup in London.

Plastic Kits

Academy Hawker Hunter F.6 1/48
Airfix Supermarine Spitfire MkIXc/XVIe 1/48
Academy Hispano HA-112 “Buchon” 1/48
Revell D.H Sea Venom FAW.22/Venom NF.3 1/32
Airfix EE Lightning F-2A/F-6 1/48
Airfix Supermarine Spitifre Mk Vb 1/24
Monogram PBY/OA-10A Catalina 1/48
Airfix TSR-2 1/48

Corgi AA Lightning F.1a XM184 No 111 Sqn, RAF Wattisham, 1964 1/72
Corgi AA Blenheim, No. 82 Squadron RAF 1942 (Aircraft Restoration Co,) 1/72
Corgi AA Canberra B.2 WH911, 98 Sqn, No. 90 (Signals) Group, 1/72
Corgi AA Canberra B(I)6 WT309, A&AEE, 1/72
Corgi AA, Vickers Wellington MkVIII – No. 221 Sqn, Special Duties Flight, Malta 1941 1/72
Corgi AA Hawker Hunter Mk6 4FTS 1/72
Corgi AA SEPECAT Jaguar Gr. 1A XX970 no 6 Squadron 1/72
Corgi AA SEPECAT Jaguar Gr. 3 RAF 16(r ) Sqn Raf Coltishall 1/72
Corgi AA Panavia Tornado GR1.P RAE 1989 1/72
Corgi AA Buccaneer S.2B RAE 1/72
Corgi AA DH Vampire FB/5 112 Sqn 1/72
Corgi AA DH Vampire FB.9 No. 28 Sqn 1/72
Corgi AA Swordfish 825 Sqn Fleet Air Arm, 1/72
Corgi AA BA Hawk T.1A 208(4) Sqn No. 4FTS 1/72
Corgi Hawker Hurricane No. 69 Sqn Malta 1/72

Corgi AA Avro York Dan Air 1/144

HobbyMaster Harvard No 1 Training Command 1/72
Skymax Models Jet provost T5 XW289 1/72

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