Proposed Nellis / Sidewinder trip in late Jan 2025

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Proposed Nellis / Sidewinder trip in late Jan 2025

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I am proposing a West coast trip in late January / February 2025 to coincide with 3-4 days at Nellis Red Flag 25-1

This trip will include 1-2 days at Sidewinder, north of Bakersfield for some low level 'in the valley' fast jet action.
Seen in the last year through Sidewinder include F-16's, F-18's, T-38's, F-117's, F-15's, F-22's, F-35's, C-12C's, and Edwards test birds. Over the top have been other larger aircraft, such as B-52's.

After sidewinder, we can visit Edwards, Palmdale (very easy to get to from Sidewinder / Kern canyon) and a few museums etc, or just high tail it down to Tucson for Pima, working our way back to Nellis

Nothing is fixed apart from 2-3 days at Red Flag, and 1-2 low level days at Sidewinder / Kern Valley, and the rest is up to the majority vote, while out there.

What will it cost? well you will be expected to pay a percentage of each thing we do..... so, saying a large 4/5 seat vehicle, the cost of the insurance, vehicle and gas is equally shared

Food and drink is up to you to buy, as are any museum entry costs (pima or Castle for example, or march field).

Pima gets you practically every US military aircraft, fighter, transport, bombers B-58, B-36, B-45, B-17, B-52, and so on. Its an amazing place opposite AMARG, and Davis Monthan.

The airfare to Vegas is up to you to organise. I will do the rest, and all the driving. Each day we will stop and shop for food and drink for the following day.

All those interested up until the day of departure to Vegas, can still chat together on line or a chat room to discuss their choices of museums / bases to visit, but please remember it is a majority rules decicion for all venues except Nellis and Sidewinder.

Am thinking 7 days out there (including flight to Vegas and flight home)

If your interested, please make yourself known here soonest, and your views on where to go etc.

Here's a link to Sidewinder and some great shots of what you could see..... ... n_usa.html

And i am currently in touch with my contacts for great places in Sidewinder to go and photograph, including 1 or 2 vantage points where you look down on the fast jets going through.

And here's some video of sidewinder taken this last year....

Hope the idea appeals, plus getting some January / february sun on your backs.
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