Reminder - Rules on posting photos

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Reminder - Rules on posting photos

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There's been a number of photos posted on the forum recently that exceed the 300KB limit so it seems like a good idea to put a reminder of the rules in all of the photography sections:

14) Photo postings are most welcome but if the photos posted are not your own please credit the original photographer and/or source, ensuring you have permission to do so BEFORE posting them. Image dimensions should be no larger than 1024 pixels on the longest edge, and file sizes should not exceed the maximum of 300KB each. If you wish to show a larger image then please post a link or thumbnail to the image instead.

15) Please do not hijack other Members’ photo threads by posting your own photo(s) as a reply unless you have permission from the thread author. Please start your own photo thread if you have images to post. Offending posts will be deleted.

16) If commenting on a Member's photo(s), please do not be abusive. By all means use constructive criticism and encouragement if you feel this necessary. Try to be original and supportive instead of merely adding comments like “lovely pictures” or “nice shots” which, while being positive, are not that helpful or useful to the original poster.

Please ensure you photos comply with the rules before posting, thank you :smile: