Russian Airforce Centenary Show

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Russian Airforce Centenary Show

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Hello to everyone that paricipated in the fantastic Russian Airforce event last month. I have to say it was one of the most memorable airshows that I have attended , fantastic displays , great weather even the transport busses etc worked really well with no massive crowds or delays. In fact everything went really well for my visit. :smile:
If there was any grumble it was that the MiG 1:44 and Su 47 Berkut weren't out on display in the static along with maybe the Sukhoi P-42 record breaking aircraft. None of this was a massive dissapointment but just would have been nice to see some of the airframes from the different Design Bureux apron over the back of the airfield wheeled out for the occasion.
The Photos shown on this site are absolutely amazing , you guys certainly know how to use a camera ! and really show what a fantastic event we all took part in. The front page review also does a really good job of summing up the weekend. :clap:

I know that there was a tour arranged on this site that made the trip and BAES , Aeroprints and Ian Allan also had tours . Talking to some people on my flight home on the Tuesday they said that they had been on a another tour with someone else but I can't remember the name of the guy that was running it. Aparantly he doesn't advertise much just, going through word of mouth.
What I'd like to hear is some reviews from anyone that went on any of these tours with both high and low points. Saw this and that but wished we had seen..... etc. As usual Ken Duffey has done his marvelous open and honest review for BAES online but I'd like to hear a few more opions, thoughts etc and the name of that other tour that the guys on my flight were on.

My Sister videod most of the flying display on Friday and Sunday and I bought a DVD on Sunday of the Friday Show. If anyone is interested in a copy of either let me know and once I get round to transfering the footage onto DVD I'll post a disc. If anyone else filmed any footage and would be willing to share please get in touch.

Once again as I said in my last post , thanks very much to everyone that posted and helped with things in the build up to the show, ticketing issues ,display deatils etc. It's forums and sites like this one that make things just that bit easier organising things when you can listen to and help out others. :clap:

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