Hosting and Posting Pictures

Photos of light aircraft, gliders, helicopters and anything that isn't commercial
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Hosting and Posting Pictures

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UKAR recommends flickr, and the following guide shows you how to upload and embed images from flickr.

1) If you haven't already done so, you'll need to register yourself an account at

2) From a desktop web browser click the Upload icon Image at the top right.

3) Click Choose photos and videos.

4) Select your items and click Open.

    Make and changes you'd like on the left:

    • Add or edit title, description, tags, and people.
    • Add the content to an album or a group.
    • Modify who can see the items you're uploading.

5) Click Upload, on the top-right.

6) Once your images have finished uploading, click on a photo to open it.

7) Click the Share icon Image.


8) Click the BBCode tab.

9) Pick the size you want to display (UKAR accepts images up to a maximum of 1600px on the longest edge).


10) Copy the code and paste it into your message on the forum.

Non-Flickr users:

You will still need your own web space to upload your photos to, and to post your images you will need to embed the direct URL between the [IMG] tags. You can normally obtain the URL by right clicking on an image and copying the address.

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