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Re: cosford on the train

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harkins wrote:Having heard that it's not a lot of fun by car,

OK by car if you get there nice and early. Could be a problem by car if you need to shoot off though, it can take some patience to get out, depending on which car park you're in.

harkins wrote:
Firstly, as I expect that demand will be pretty high this year, is there any risk it sells out before the train/airshow ticket deal is available?

I don't think that's ever happened. I don't suppose there'd be any point in releasing combo tickets at all if the event had already sold out.

harkins wrote:The other thing is, having checked for this Sunday, I wouldn't get to Cosford until 11am. I assume at this time that I will not have a prayer of getting a spot at the front will I?

Nope, not a hope. Crowdline is usually gone by 9ish. I'm in Cosford Club or would offer to keep you a spec, maybe somebody else can? its worth bearing in mind that there are extra trains laid on for the day, so you may have more flexibility, although as alluded to above if you have a journey with a change its often the connecting trains that don't have suitable timings on a Sunday. The line that serves Cosford stops at every allotment and bus shelter on the way. Its a slow journey if you have any distance to cover.

harkins wrote:Finally, kind of related, but in order to get the best of the static photography, is it best to get there as fast as you can, or is it better to wait till everyone is going home?

I find I need to do both. I nip away in the morning for a swift tour, but of course can't leave the crowd line for long and the Flying Display starts at 12 at the latest usually, then out again after the FD while the traffic dies down. Between the two I can usually get the ground stuff covered but this may be the big challenge with this year's event having special ground exhibitions and static displays. Its all going to be a challenge to fit into a day, so you'll need as much time on site as you can muster.

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Re: cosford on the train

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Thanks for the detailed answer and the offer of help. I think that I might be best served using the car in order to make the most of the day.

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Re: cosford on the train

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I suspect the organisers will have set aside a certain number of tickets for the rail combo. I seem to remember one year all other tickets sold out apart from the combo so guessing the main limitation is car park space.
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