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Re: Arrivals

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And the Loop, you cant get much more validated :lol:

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Re: Arrivals

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boff180 wrote:
Frogfoot wrote:If the Swiss F-18 gave a ‘medium show’ for its validation today, does that mean it can’t perform a full display tomorrow?

No, RA2335 is quite clear on these things.... in order to give some clarity to questions/worries.etc…. I quote directly from RA2335

56. Validation. The MAA and/or the FDD can mandate the validation of any display Participant. When the MAA mandates validation, then that validation may take place at any display venue within the same display season and, where a Participant has more than one authorized Display ►Sequence,◄ then validation of any one of the ►Display Sequences◄ is accepted by the MAA as sufficiently appropriate to validate all Display ►Sequences.◄ All validations will be conducted by SQEP ►◄.

a. ►Guidance on Requirement for Validation. The MAA is likely to require validation where an individual Participant is new, they have not displayed in the UK before, or for any formation team with greater than 4 Air Systems. This is guidance only and the MAA may require validation of any foreign military Participant.◄

Are any of the display pilots new this year is the question and if-so have they been pre-validated elsewhere or not by the team. Two things I don't have the answer to.


Thanks for the info!

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