Cosford Ticket Appeal

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Cosford Ticket Appeal

Post by Frogfoot »


Does anyone have a spare Cosford Airshow ticket that they’d be willing to sell? Unfortunately I wasn’t able to purchase one before they sold out, and I am unable to travel to the RAF Museum to collect one over-the-counter.

Any help would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:


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Re: Cosford Ticket Appeal

Post by Mike »

They are now sold out over the counter too

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Re: Cosford Ticket Appeal

Post by CJS »

On the Cosford Commentators thread someone's posted about having to sell theirs - maybe contact them?
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Re: Cosford Ticket Appeal

Post by stevebrodie »

I’m looking for one as well, was on my way over to cosford when I saw the tweet. Watch out on the cosford Facebook page, been contacted by 4 people claiming to have tickets for sale, one of them was in the states, should have checked her profile first!,
All wanting to be paid via PayPal, fair enough, but my email address not working so send money to their PayPal address, Erm NO, as soon as you say you are paying by cash, silence !
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