Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

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Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by Ian G »

What were your thoughts on this year's show? Just creating a separate thread so we don't clog up the others!
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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by binbrook87 »

Overall a decent effort given the situation caused by post Covid delays and now Ukraine. It did feel a bit 'gappy' at times with some lightweight fillers here and there, but the 3 x fast jet displays were very good. Typhoon still seemed laboured compared to the others, and despite the A400 no-show the RAF surprise flypasts at the end were a novel touch. Could that be a thing for the future?
F35 was loud and impressive if a little brief. When will we get a full display i wonder?
Well done Cosford for having a go this year, lets hope next year will be back to 'normal'.
But in the end it was just great to be back at a proper airshow.

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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by UKAirshowTour »

Enjoyed the flying the special scheme fast jets certainly help and every act I enjoyed. The static had some noticeable gaps in areas there used to be aircraft. I’m still sat up by the museum and traffic finally seems to be flowing. Not the best cosford ever but the team pulled it out the bag in the flying display to my relief

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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by westhamfan84 »

Think the show was great the fast jets really did save this show though. I think it was missing a lot for the family audience that cosford goes for as there was no wing walkers, no blades etc and think that target audience was also not helped by the strange pull out from team raven. I feel this year may be about cost as who knows how many tickets they sold for this show and how many was rolled over have to say I enjoyed it just hope we get the old cosford back next year
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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by TYPHOON3 »

It was great to have the show back but not the best Cosford I've been to to .A bit gappy at times but not as bad as I was expecting. F-16 was by far the best fast jet display. The Typhoon was the tamest I've seen for a while and the Rafale a bit high and distant. Hopefully 2023 will be better but still enjoyed it today.

G for George
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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by G for George »

Not a bad day. It did feel a bit thin, long gaps between displays at times, but late cancellations didn't help. F16 was brilliant, Rafale also (but not as good as previous displays in my opinion), but the noise from the Mustang made that my favourite for the day. Wondering, would it have hurt to have the F35 come in fast with the burners lit? Seemed a bit of an anti-climax after all the bigging-up from the commentator. It was just great to be back at a UK airshow for me

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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by TheMaster »

Too many gaps for a 5 hour show, obscene prices by food vendors, see my separate topic calling for a boycott, doubt it will work, utterly disgusting and worse still that in this 'crisis' people still shell out. £5 ice cream, £8 burger now the norm. £3.50 for a100g of sweets and £5 for 5 mini donuts. All that orange netting, what a farce. And a new h&s bonkers thing, although this was outside, street marshalls wearing hard hats. Yes, hi viz I get, but these had those climbers helmets on whilst stood in the road as cars went by at 1mph. Tragic.

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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by TheMaster »

Is that the RA of the future, too far away and boring more than ever? Keep em at 7, then cut costs and have just 5 from next year.

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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by Seahornet »

Loved it! Great to be back!

Negative points: Orange netting. Most of it was separating two places that we're allowed to be, but no way to get between them without back-tracking 200 yards. Also, free-for-all getting out of external car park (Neachley Lane). Not sure there's a solution to that one....

Positive: Pretty much everything else! Particular favourites: Chinook, Wessex, Lynx, F-16, Rafale, Falcons.....
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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by CJS »

TheMaster wrote:
Sun 12 Jun 2022, 6:30 pm
Is that the RA of the future, too far away and boring more than ever? Keep em at 7, then cut costs and have just 5 from next year.
Glad you had such a fun day 👍🏼🙃🤪
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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by JMC »

TheMaster - In future go to Tesco before the show and buy a feast. I do this everytime before RIAT. It’s well known that these vendors take the p***. Just don’t buy it then complain.

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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by eddywinch82 »

I enjoyed the Airshow, I only stayed until the P51 Mustang display, as I was really tired from lack of sleep, great to have decent weather too. I didn't mind the gaps, as it appeared that toilets, were only located at the back of the site, and it took an age, to walk through the crowds and wait in the cues to use them, when at the front of the crowdline. So I didn't miss as many display items, as I would have done, without the gaps.

I was really disappointed that the BBMF Lancaster went tech, but the displays by the two BBMF Spitfires were as polished as ever, and particularly memorable, to see the Spitfire IIa P7350 fly in formation with the Eurofighter Typhoon. The French Rafale display was excellent. And pleased as always to see the Catalina display, I love the sound of Pratt and Whitney Radials, I wish I hadn't been so tired, as I would have stayed right to the end of the Airshow. I saw the Red Arrows display, when at the Cosford Train Station.

I was sad to miss the RAF Aircraft Flypasts, and the F16 display and F35 Lightning Flypasts. But I am looking forwards to next years display. So nice to be back, at an Airshow at Cosford after 3 years. ))
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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by purple_95 »

Not bad at all, given its a new team running the display and with only 5months to set it up it shows promise going forward. The situation in Ukraine and the economic situation can not have helped so to put on such an event in these times is a bonus.

Rafale for me the highlight of the flying display, followed by the Lynx and F-16. Typhoon just seems to be a bit tame for want of a better term when you see some of the other fast jet displays.

Cant understand the complaints about food prices, I had fish and chips from one of the food vans and to be honest was not much more than I pay at the local chippy.

Traffic as ever a bit of a pain getting out but what can you do, Cosford was never built for 40 odd thousand cars all trying to get out of two little exits, a few people getting irate with the people on traffic control duty seemed a bit harsh, although its fair to say most people were being patient enough.

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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by UKAirshowTour »

I have to agree that orange netting is a pain in the **** every year 😂

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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by Luke28 »

Good to be back at an airshow. Rafale and F-16 were superb, and I agree the Typhoon was tame compared to previous years.

The F-35 at the end was a massive anti-climax, 5 minutes of build up commentary for a lacklustre pass (Yeovilton and RIAT 19 were much better fly pasts with the burners lit). The hover thankfully was great.

Massive kudos for putting the beautiful Tornado in the far end static area. Stunning looking machine.

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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by paulb1973 »

The Reds did seem a bit subdued and I thought the commentary wasn't as polished as previous years - bit we have a new Red 10 and it is early days. Nine Hawks would have been better than 7 I think. Hopefully we'll see more of the F-35 in future shows.

I managed to get a Sausage chiabata for £4 from the chap operating an outdoor BBQ alongside a little green van, on the walk up to the large metal-covered Museum building - and it was huge!

Getting out later-on was dire, but I am used to that, didn't vacate the airfield until 7pm.

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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by JJC »

Getting out was a farce. Almost 2 hours without moving more than a car length, for an alternative route to be opened going out across the end of the runway - we were out in 20 mins. A shambles.

Showground rather meh to be honest. Felt empty and lacking in cohesion. Why oh why was the C-130 parked all on its own down the taxiway?

The display was fine, some gaps and could have done with a few more acts to add a bit of variety.

The Reds, Rafale and several other bits were incredibly high and distant, quite disappointing as they’re both obviously impressive routines.

RAF flypasts were a bit pointless - is a break to land and a missed approach from the Hawks / Texans really too much to ask? F-35 was great in the hover but the initial pass was rather meh.

Belgian F-16 was superb, hands down the best flying display of the day.

Thought the Typhoon was enjoyable this year too. Historic helis were probably the overall standout for me, what superb machines and kudos to Historic Helis for gathering such a great selection.
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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by captainfurious »

First non seaside airshow for 3 years.

The display certainly felt padded out, certainly in first 2hrs, and lots of gaps but really enjoyed it and just glad to be back.

The lighting at times was great today. Rafale and F-16 my highlights, the F-16 especially. It seemed to be doing manoeuvres I can't remember an F-16 doing before. I remember the F-18 had a software upgrade a couple years ago which improved the display. This felt very similar. Although I could be talking utter rubbish after not seeing one for 3 years.

No issues getting in or out. I watched the post Red Arrows exodus with glee thinking it could only help my later departure.

Agree the vendor prices are awful. But like others have said never use them and take my stuff in as I expect it to be overpriced.

Kids got to meet the Red Arrows today. I got blasted by noise. A good day.

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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by JackyRIATWilson »

Positives - F16 was fantastic in both looks and display, Rafale a very typically polished French fast jet solo display, Lynx was a welcome sight, the A109 had a lovely routine and the RAF Valley contingent was very welcome.

Negatives - food prices were astronomical (£6 for a bacon roll is obscene), the gaps in the display were noticeable, leaving the show was longer than expected, Atlas was a no show, F-35 was tame (first pass was sedate and then the hover was done at the end of one of the display ends), the Lancaster went tech and the Typhoon seemed a bit lost in places.

However, despite the negatives, it was fantastic to be back at an airshow. Long may it continue.

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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by JMC »

The maneuver at 2:12 goodness me!

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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by bedfordshirevulcan »

Overall good to be back at a major airshow ,negatives were the show was as gappy as feared missed a few of the family fillers and wear were raven
static seemed very chaotic with no theme or cohesion jags at far end very lost and what was the aim of the placing of the c130
couldn't believe catering prices £6 for bacon roll most ice creams £4+ however good to be back at a big show historic helicopters very good along with the f35 hover and Belgian f16 were very good

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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by sprite1275 »

JMC wrote:
Sun 12 Jun 2022, 9:12 pm

The maneuver at 2:12 goodness me!
Jeez thats nuts.

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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by LittleRedTrain »

I went today with my partner. This was our first Cosford since 2015 and first airshow since RIAT 2019, so it was great to be back!
We opted for Cosford Club, primarily for the convenience of not having to cart our own chairs etc around, and having easier access to food/toilets.

The flying display itself was pretty good, especially given the limited planning time, and the three fast jets certainly made an impact.
It had a good variety and did rely a lot on the relatively high helicopter participation, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, something that you don't see so much at other shows.
As others have said, it could possibly have done with a couple more big acts. A classic jet would've been nice, or maybe Sally B.
Given that there was a big gap between the Hawks, Texans and F35, more than one 'blink and you'll miss it' pass from the first two would've been good!

The weather was certainly perfect, you couldn't have asked for better, blue skies, bit of high cloud, and enough wind to avoid overheating.

Prices for food and beverages were indeed high, but we're pretty much used to that at big events, and just include the expected cost in our budget.

Travel in was OK, using the train as neither of us drive. We stayed overnight in Wolverhampton (there are no trains from home early enough on a Sunday morning). The train was busy, but OK for the 20 minute ride.
Travel back was less smooth, though not really Cosford's fault. We arrived at the station about 5:30, just after a train south had departed, and the next one mysteriously disappeared off the board without notice (turned out it'd been cancelled at Shrewsbury due to staff shortages). This meant we ended up waiting for nearly an hour, and when the train did arrive, we had to cram on like sardines and some people were left behind on the platform.
With the loading/unloading delays, it also meant we missed our connection home and with reduced CrossCountry Covid timetable still in effect, had to wait an hour for the next one! Still probably quicker than driving though.

The only real negative for us was the fact that there was zero consideration that people with mobility impairments might still choose to arrive by train.
My partner has suffered a serious leg injury since our last visit, and although she can manage stairs (slowly), she can't walk for long distances, hence why we'd opted for Cosford Club. To make her visit more comfortable, we'd also pre-booked a mobility scooter from EventMobility.
However, upon arrival at the station, we were told that to get to the scooter pickup, we would have to walk all the way into the pedestrian entrance, then double back pretty much the same distance to reach the Disabled Parking area, so my partner was pretty tired before the show even started!

On the way back, we dropped off the scooter, then headed directly to the station via the shortest route through the car park. Upon reaching the exit gate (right by the station), we were told by a fresh-faced marshall that we were strictly not allowed to walk the 10 yards through the gate, next to the line of traffic moving at 2mph, and would have to double back all the way to the pedestrian entrance and back again on the other side of the fence.
My partner, absolutely shattered and in pain by that point, made it very clear that she was going to proceed through the gate, and it was up to him what he decided to do about it. He decided the safest course of action was to run off to check with a superior, who thankfully had the common sense to supervise us through the gate, and a major argument was avoided!

Obviously, we'll feed back directly to the organisers about this, rather than just ranting on here, and hopefully they can improve the provision in future
At RIAT, we've had help from staff in golf buggies who pick disabled people up from the shuttle bus drop off and take them to the scooter pickup, and vice versa. Something similar linking the scooter pickup with the station would be equally useful at Cosford, or at least, a direct pedestrian route provided.

All in all though, it was a good day, and hopefully it'll continue to improve under the new team.

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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by Jonnym »

I've said in the other thread that the run up to the show was massively underwhelming and it was. Cosford might not have a PR team working for them like RIAT, but some presence wouldn't have gone amiss and it seemed like they only started responding and retweeting once they'd come clean about the shortened display. Simple thing to get right for next year.

On the day, it was good to be back at an airshow again and the weather played its part too. The display certainly was a little gappy and lacking a few acts but what flew was solid enough. The Reds do miss that 9 ship but not as much as I thought they would and the kids and families were still loving it. Box checked.

The Rafale and the 109 were very good displays and special mention to Rich Goodwin - I think it speaks volumes when a lot of kids are not looking up for the F16 (possibly the length of the day) but on their parents shoulders ooh-ing and aah-ing at that Pitts display.

The F16 though was the star of the show. Superb flying display that I can't wait to see again at RIAT in a few weeks.

The static was a little thin but for the most part, well placed and finding the tiny 40's bar with £4 pints was a winner for a visit or two throughout the day.

Overall, I think that while there will certainly be feedback about the run-up and the flying programme, the new cosford team can be satisfied with the job done and looking to move to next year's show with more time and experience to hand.

Managed to snare a coach place with a friends work mates last minute so was 10 minutes on, 15 minutes off in arriving and leaving.

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Re: Cosford 2022 - your thoughts

Post by Mike »

Jonnym wrote:
Mon 13 Jun 2022, 6:58 am
The F16 though was the star of the show. Superb flying display that I can't wait to see again at RIAT in a few weeks.
The organisers thought so too, and awarded it the "Bill Hartree Trophy" for 'Most entertaining flying display"

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