'Red Mist' - An Il-2 Great Battles Cinematic

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'Red Mist' - An Il-2 Great Battles Cinematic

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I'd like to share with you all my first foray into movie making and cinematic videos.

This video is titled 'Red Mist' - An IL-2 Great Battles Cinematic

In the sky over Germany in late 1944, 2 flights of P-51 Mustangs (RAF and USSAF) are bounced by Luftwaffe Me-262 and Me-109G fighters.

An inexperienced Mustang pilot follows his fellow allied airmen into the fray, eager for that first kill. His heart pounding and muscles filled with adrenaline, he chases down a lone German fighter which has separated from the others, an Me-262. With G forces pushing him down into the seat of his Mustang, the Packard Merlin engine roaring in his ears and the smell of cordite from his six .50 cal machine filling his cockpit, the 'Red Mist' begins to set in....


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