cosford airshow 2023 wishlist!

Forum for information about the annual show at RAF Cosford
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cosford airshow 2023 wishlist!

Post by warthog555 »

hello all! just wondering what you all would like to see at next year's Cosford?
i would like to see a European aerobatics team showdown! (frecce tricolori, patrouille Suisse, Turkish stars, red arrows, etc etc)

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Re: cosford airshow 2023 wishlist!

Post by Holty »

God, I couldn't think of anything worse.... Just anything that hasn't displayed about a dozen times previously would do!!

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Re: cosford airshow 2023 wishlist!

Post by capercaillie »

Probably the strangest location to stage it as well??????

Although getting the Reds to display back along the main road rather than the runway could be an improvement over the 2022 display routine!
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Re: cosford airshow 2023 wishlist!

Post by JMC »

Danish F16 solo!

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Re: cosford airshow 2023 wishlist!

Post by Tommy »


If B-1s are turning up to FFD (and the above is a decent sign) for Air Defender (of which they are listed as participating) which starts the Monday after the show, then putting 2+2 together and making “fish”, that might make a decent request item for the show.

They’ve got form. The previous Fairford BTF attended shows in September, and of course, a B-1B flew at Cosford in 2017 on the same basis.

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Re: cosford airshow 2023 wishlist!

Post by Cole »

i might be being silly, but id love to see some more flying display announcements :sweat_smile:
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