NATO & Czech Air Force Days 2023

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Pablo Zibi
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Re: NATO & Czech Air Force Days 2023

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bobby 1211 wrote:
Tue 19 Sep 2023, 4:03 pm
Apparently 180k+ people attended over the two days which I think is a record.
Not even close to record standings of 2011 225k (sat: 140k; sun: 85k), 2014 225k(sat 140k; sun 85k), 2015 225k (sat 155k SIC; sun 70k). Also, 2019,2018 and 2012 got higher attendance. Anyway 75k per day, seems to be reasonable maximum in terms of queues to stands, toilets etc. With higher number of visitors, public area is simply overcrowded.
Sussexlad wrote:
Wed 20 Sep 2023, 12:08 pm
So, even if the weather forecast is much better on Sunday, they will still go on the first day whatever. The line up of displays this year was good and obviously a draw that will help explain the record attendance. However, like all previous years, it was much quieter on Sunday and mainly due to the reason above.
Well yes and no. I agree with general rule, that Sunday tends to be less packed, but in case of big difference on weather crowd would choose rather Sunday, just like they did in 2012 (sat 90k; sun: 118k), 2013 (sat 54k; sun 91k) or 2018 (sat 95k; sun 125k).