Kecskemét Airshow

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Kecskemét Airshow

Post by TonyB »

It´s been anounced that this years Airshow in August has been cancelled. For those who have Facebook, here is the link......

For those who don´t bother with "social" media, here´s a copy and paste of the announcement.

The flight day in Kecskemét will be canceled❗️- For the sake of the safety of our country, military tasks have an advantage
🔴 Due to the war, the International Aviation Day and Military Technical Show in Kecskemét will be canceled - the Ministry of Defense announced on June 2nd.
🔴 In the current war times, the safety of Hungary and the Hungarian people is the priority for the Ministry of Defense and the Hungarian Defense. Due to the security challenges associated with war, our military exercises, training, army development and military professional tasks are now taking advantage, therefore the International Aviation Day and Military Technical Show in Kecskemét scheduled for August will be cancelled this year.
🔴 We expect a prolonged war, so the process of developing the military forces has been significantly accelerated, not only in the area of equipment procurement and the defense industry, but also increased attention will be paid to increasing the combat readiness of the soldiers. Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky, Minister of Defense, Dr. Lieutenant General Gábor Böröndi, the new chief of the Honvéd Command, ordered the increase of the military capacity to a higher operational level, which means increased burden and focus for the formations. Therefore, the squad participates in exercises where, besides the professional staff, the newly formed Regional Defense Forces will also have a special role.
🔴 Prioritizing the training, based on the incoming tools and skills gained and strengthened during the practice, he is so prepared, cohesive, 21. We are building a century-old military force that - besides guaranteeing the safety of Hungary and the Hungarian people - continues to perform its duties at an excellent and internationally recognized level in the federal systems.
✍🏻 Announcement of the Ministry of Defense
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Re: Kecskemét Airshow

Post by Skyflash »

Previous events at Kecskemet (I'm thinking of 2013, for example) have been absolutely massive; the idea of trying to run an event like that the same weekend as Radom never really made much sense. A pity, but hardly an earth-shattering surprise.
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